Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Home Store

Here’s another post inspired by the fabulous Amy at The Idea Room. We started using this great idea a couple months ago and WE LOVE IT!

We use our Home Store system as a behavior incentive for our children. We were a little worried when we started that our kids were a bit young, but at 5, 3, and 2, the little ones have completely embraced it! So here’s how it works:

Get a large plastic bin, tub or basket. This is your “Home Store”. Fill it with stuff your kids like- I stock up at Dollar Tree on small toys, art supplies, stickers, snacks, etc.
You will want to assign each item in the box a point value. (one though ten work well). I place color coded stickers on each item that correlate with a point value.
Create your point cards. I used Avery printable business cards and found a template that looks like a ticket. On the ticket, it says, “Nice Work! One Point- good for use at the Cunningham Family Home Store.”

My kids can earn points for all kinds of things- exceptional behavior, going above and beyond normal expectations, scripture memory…etc. So when you feel your kiddo has earned it, give him/her a point. And the same goes for losing points (but opposite- you get the picture, right?)

All of our kids points go in Ziploc bags with their names on them. We open the Home Store once a week, and the kids get to cash in the points they earned throughout the week. Daddy is the store keeper, and the kids LOVE counting out their points,
picking out their items, and “paying” for them( check out the above photo to see a transaction in progress :)
Another benefit of the home store? It's been great for practicing math skills!

This system works great even for my 2-year-old, and would be appropriate for older children up to early teens. Just find stuff they like and adjust the point values accordingly.

I can’t wait to hear from any of you that try this! I hope your families enjoy this as much as mine has!
Thanks for reading!

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