Monday, February 21, 2011

Chalk Board Paint

Chalk board paint is all the rage right now for many household and kid-inspired projects. It can be used for everything from signs to playroom decor to labeling household goods. With its crafty good looks and functionality, chalkboard paint is not only easy to use, but now it's also.... cheap! I don't know about you, but Hubby and I are constantly looking for ways to cut back, simplify, and re-use what we already have instead of buying new. So, this post will be the first of many in which I will offer Make-Your-Own solutions for items we would almost always purchase at the store (some upcoming will be: household cleaners, Lunchables, and fruit leather- among others). So here we go in our fist of many lessons on saving money with home-made (or my new favorite term- "Mommy-made";).

How to Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint
What you need:
1 cup paint (any kind will do- latex or acrylic work well)- The best part is that you can use ANY color
2 Tbsp. Non-sanded grout (I bought a tub for about $4 at Menard’s)
Paint brush, sponge, or roller

What to Do:
Simply mix your paint and grout and apply to your desired surface. This will probably take two coats. I started painting with a sponge brush but found that the best tool for the job was a mini roller.

For the project pictured, I used a cabinet door that came off of a laminate cabinet in my daughters' bedroom. I wanted a way to display my weekly menu in the kitchen and knew repurposing this old door with chalkboard paint would be the perfect solution.

Here's what I did: I sanded the entire door, gave it one coat of spray primer, let tat dry and came back with two coats of spraypaint in my desired color. I prefer Rustoleum brand because it covers very well and dries quickly. Then I taped the edges around my desired chalkboard surface and painted with my chalkboard paint. Finally, I repalced the cabinet door's wooden knob with one more to my taste that can be used to hang keys, etc. So there you go- so simple!

The best part about making your own vs. using store-bought chalkboard paint is that you mix it yourself so you can make it any color to match any color palate or decor! Paint an entire wall in your childrens' palyroom or bedroom and the fun (and cute factor) will be off the charts!

Please contact me with any questions or, if you try this project let me know how it turns out!

Thanks for reading!

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